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API Testing Guide and Beginners Tips SOAP & REST by Katalon Katalon


HTTP is an application layer protocol designed within the framework of the Internet protocol suite. SOAP uses WSDL is an XML format for describing network services as a set of endpoints operating on messages containing either document-oriented or procedure-oriented information. Client and Server are two different entity, It means that servers and clients may also be replaced and developed independently, as long as the interface is not altered. APIs in REST is stateless and Client and server don’t worry about the state of the request or response.. The uniform interface constraint defines the interface between clients and servers. In one line, API is its an interface between different software programs or service.

This way we receive a status code from the server when we send a request and then we can interpret this status code and check if the request was executed in a normal manner or some error occurred. We will further explore the response obtained from the server in our upcoming articles. Managing test data—traditional UI testing focuses on the functionality of an entire application. This means the test provides the input and validates the output against predicted outcomes.

Here maps, search and images are the resources of which is the Base URL. PUT – Using PUT, you will be able to replace all the current representations of the target resource with the uploaded content. REST API is an architectural style that allows the software to communicate with other software on the same device or over a network. Web App Development Be it a robust back-end solution or a front-end that provides the best user experience, Codoid is always the top-end choice. Python Development Use Python to its full potential by using the best team that follows the top-of-the-line methods to yield the best results. We also walked through the Test API code to better understand the implementation.

What is REST API testing?

The purpose of URI is to locate the resource on the server hosting of the web service. It remains in the browser history and has length restriction. When dealing with sensitive data GET requests should not be used. To check that response contains expected data use I.seeResponseContainsJson method.

How is REST API testing performed

Load testing – Validating functionality and performance under load, often by reusing functional test cases. Functional testing – Testing the functionality of broader scenarios, often using unit tests as building blocks for end-to-end tests. Includes test case definition, execution, validation, and regression testing. Otherwise, you need to have the same type of database set up in all test/dev environments, maintain them and make sure you clean them up after test execution. This is not necessary when you use the H2 DB, because it is in the memory.

B Advanced Api Testing Interview Questions And Answers

This is the technique when the client sends a message in the form of HTTP request the server send back the HTTP reply which is called Messaging. This message consists message data and Meta data i.e. information on the message itself. But because other response codes in 2xx range are also valid responses, you can use seeResponseCodeIsSuccessful() which will match 200 , 201 , 206 and others.

  • You need the right approach and tool to improve your testing outcomes.
  • I am always learning new technologies and find myself up to date with the latest software technologies.
  • Rest Assured examples for various HTTP request methods such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
  • The risk of releasing a bad and potentially insecure product in the market is greater has its repercussions.
  • For the case in this blog, we’re going to be using Damn Vulnerable Web Service for our test scenarios.

The term was first used and defined by Roy Fielding in the year 2000 in his doctoral thesis Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures. Whether experienced or just starting out with API Testing, Katalon Studio is an optimal solution regardless of the level of expertise. Equipped with minimum maintenance requirements, integrations with CI/CD and DevOps practices and so much more. Considering API automation testing a real development project is highly suggested.

A Wall-to-Wall Postman Guide for API Testing

Dynamic information such as date time, increasing ID, etc. will cause trouble in the assertion. However, your test coverage will increase dramatically if the tool has this function. APIs in the same category share some common information such as resource type, path, etc.

How is REST API testing performed

The Payload Processing in Burp Suite gives us additional options to do things such as character replacement for things like “” and “” to substitute with a string that is applicable for the attack. Flip through the different lists to get a feel for what characters you want to substitute and with what. It’s also possible to encode/decode our attack strings to bypass things such as input filtering. If no attacks are working, keep cycling through these options to see if anything is even possible with these options. If you are new or interested in entering the penetration testing or vulnerability analysis field, please reach out to me personally and I’d be happy to help you get started down the right path.

So what is an API?

The next line gets the RequestSpecification of the request to be sent to the server. Rest Assured library provides an interface called RequestSpecification for this purpose. The variable httpRequest stores the request so that we can modify it if required like adding authentication details, adding headers, etc. For this particular test, we are not modifying the variable.

This can be difficult to do for a large set of parameters and validation options. It requires making sure that all parameters use the right type of data (i.e. numerical data), and that it matches the specified value range, length restrictions, and other criteria for validation. Managing the sequence API calls—to work correctly, API calls usually need to appear in a specified sequence. If, for example, the API receives a request to return the profile information of a user before a user profile is even created, it will return an error. When it involves software applications with multiple threads, this process can become highly complex. Understanding the logic of business applications—APIs typically come with rules and guidelines, including copyright and storage policies, rate limits, as well as display policies.

They provide all tools necessary for software components to interact properly with one another. These integrate and mediate the varied business systems or applications in which they share resources. Here we explore the process and what goes into testing api testing best practices an API. Some teams opt for reusing the test suite/application used at the development site by test team if that allows to time the request and response. This is another approach to check performance issues at the client-server communication layer alone.

Sauce Labs Wins “Innovator of the Year” at 2022 API Awards – Yahoo Finance

Sauce Labs Wins “Innovator of the Year” at 2022 API Awards.

Posted: Mon, 24 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The storage may be used for marketing, analytics, and personalization of the site, such as storing your preferences. Privacy is important to us, so you have the option of disabling certain types of storage that may not be necessary for the basic functioning of the website. Blocking categories may impact your experience on the website. First, before we dive into the depths of the hands-on parts, I feel it’s necessary to do some of the configuring I’ll expand on below. These recommendations are all based on trial and error on my part for dealing with Burp Suites’ lack of good reporting features. With my help, I’ll have you impressing your bosses’ boss with the amount of metrics we can show them to back up our claims.

Specify the API output status

Authentication is used to protect the content over web mean only a valid user with valid credentials can access that API endpoint. Authentication is a process of presenting your credentials like username, password or another secret key to the system and the system to validate your credentials or you. In other words, the current request does not know what has been done in the previous requests.

Framework also includes code libraries, compiler and other programs used in the software development process. He has 12 years of experience in automation engineering, QA and development. Grigor’s expertise includes manual and automated testing, continuous integration and Atlassian products.

Knowing the purpose of the API will set a firm foundation for you to well prepare your API testing data for input and output. An API is a set of defined rules that enables computers or applications to communicate with one another. APIs sit between an application and the webserver and acts as an intermediary that processes data transfer between systems. Visual Testing This form of testing is essential for businesses that are dependent on software to deliver the intended service and performance outcomes for their customers. OTT Testing The user experience and streaming consistency decide your products and services, so reliable delivery of content is fundamental.

What Is Api Testing

The difference is that it assumes one JSON object result instead of a list of Arrivals of JSON objects. To start, we have to have Intellij IDEA, as an IDE for development, and JDK8, for using Java for development. These are my personal preferences but Eclipse, NetBeans or even a simple text editor could also be used. At the UI level, this simple test can fail at the browser and network connection level, having to load the browser each time we want to run an iteration of this test may fail. API changes are less frequent – often API definitions files like OpenAPI Spec can help make refactoring tests that only take few seconds. When a caching mechanism is in place, it helps improve delivery speed by storing a copy of the asset you requested and later accessing the cached copy instead of the original.

You can also use it when a user interface or another interface is easy to inspect. Consistent business logic—usually, an application uses the same set of APIs across multiple platforms, including desktops and mobile devices. Testing API collections can help ensure that the same business logic offers the same functionality across all platforms. REST API is a set of function helps the developers performing requests when the response is receiving.

ReQtest is a test management tool that helps in API testing by allowing you to structure & categorize your test cases. You will also get full requirements traceability with a high-level of API documentation. Automate the API documentation creation process and ensure a good level of documentation is there which is easy to understand. Results of non-functional tests such as performance, security, etc.

Then we placed a basic test API call using Rest Assured Library and analyzed its output. // Call RequestSpecification.get() method to get the response. Provides support for validating the Response received from the server. // Get the RequestSpecification of the request to be sent to the server. Destructive testing—a more advanced form of negative testing.