Baba VaRudo – Memory Chirere




he expertly written ‘Baba VaRudo’ is about the main character Baba VaRu- do who usually is identifiable with a ‘bhibho’, a kind of hairstyle. He wears a white shirt, a black trousers and rafters. Chirere is a professional in creating live characters. Baba VaRudo enjoys whistling tunes whilst riding his bicycle. Deep love for his wife and two children Rudo and Kuda is his strength but all the same, it is this strength which seemingly goes overdrive and creates a desperation leading to thieving. A great famine arises as an aftermath of poor rainfall. The situation is so cruel that in order to survive or maximize on food people resort to mixing the available mealie-meal with ashes. This becomes a practice of survival. Sharing of food is forgotten as there is no surplus food available. As his fam- ily almost starves to death, Baba VaRudo could not help just sitting back and watch. This crisis sees Baba VaRudo pretending to be engaged in food for work. He leaves home only to return with stolen mealie-meal.