For Women Trying to Breathe and Failing (It’s not your fault) – Batsirai Chigama




‘We need to talk
We are breeding bombs
Under our tongues
That will explode when we kiss
Our children goodnight
Can we talk…?’
From ‘can we talk?’
Batsirai Chigama’s second collection of poetry is deeply rooted in the past, the present and the future. It is a poetic survival manual guide for a 21st Century citizen trapped in the deep end. The poet draws on her experience and passion as a spoken word artist to speak on behalf of the citizen. She reminds us to be conscious of the voices on the street where we live, the voices of family and friends…and the silent voices yearning to breathe again and exhale. Chigama’s rich, timeless poetry is a remarkable achievement and an important contribution to our education.