Lightning Eggs – Daniel Mutendi




Shingai, a young warrior, from the Kingdom Dangadema, is faced with many adversities. At the age of nine, his father seeks to end his life. But his saving grace comes from a source least expected. He has to flee from his father. Little does he know that his future endeavors are filled with a multitude of hurdles that seek to shred him to pieces. His perseverance grooms him into a principled young man. Well, not until he commits an unforgivable crime.

Everything is not what it seems in the ancient African kingdoms. There is danger lurking everywhere Shingai goes. The howling spiritual savages, his romance, the warriors, the deadly assassins, and a serial killer shake the foundations of a powerful kingdom. Shingai finds himself at the center of it all.

Will he survive the many spiritual warfares, and the vicious battles with earthly kingdoms?