The Valley Of Tantalika – Richard Rayner




The damming of the mighty Zambezi…the creation of the 280km long Lake Kariba…Operation Noah which rescued thousand of creatures from the rising floodwaters is an epic roundly engraved in the annals of great human achievement. But what of the flora and fauna of the valley, the ecology and the reactions of the living creatures themselves to this intrusion and desecration of their age-old habitat? What fears gripped them in the face of this man-made cataclysm? Viewing the scene through the eyes of the displaced creatures, Richars Rayner has created a delightful fantasy around a particular herd of Impala, the Pambuka, and Tantalika, a loveable, amusing but somewhat irresponsible otter. Their unique story, presented with charming drawings tells of their bewildering loss of old grazing grounds, the search for a new home, the menace of the rising waters, their battle for survival and the inexplicable behaviour of humans.